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Alita provides full-service HR outsourcing of security personnel for maritime and land-based security deployments. All personnel are ex-military or law enforcement, with exemplary combat unit service experience, who have passed our strict vetting process, and have been certified through our training program.

We offer a broad recruitment service to fully meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. Recruiting only the most suitable professionals for each mission, we provide creative solutions that focus on efficient utilization and cost, driving reliable service and long-term cooperation with our customers. We excel at applying out-of-the-box thinking to solve complicated situations. For example, even as COVID-19 restrictions closed most international air routes, we succeeded in flying teams to varied embarkation locations and were able to replace teams with fresh personnel as needed.

With Alita security personnel, our customers know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and outstanding results.

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Maritime Security

Alita’s maritime security personnel have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of challenge that arises in maritime settings. They are trained to act effectively and efficiently to safeguard people, assets and operations on offshore platforms and during transits in any region, including high-risk areas (HRAs).


Land Security

Alita personnel are trained and experienced at providing security for critical infrastructure sites and operations, such as ports and power stations, as well as financial, manufacturing and commercial facilities. Our land security recruitment services can meet the widest variety of needs, providing security personnel for on premises asset protection, mobile patrols, and close protection.


Security Personnel

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the maritime and land-based security sectors, we have developed an intensive training program, to ensure that all Alita personnel have the knowledge, skills and readiness for a wide range of assignments. By covering a wide range of subjects and challenging each candidate to their limits with our training programs, we can assure that our personnel will fit into any security company. Annual refresher courses ensure all personnel maintain their operational skills and fitness for action.


Additionally, we are able to create and teach tailor-made courses for our customers on demand, according to their needs and priorities.


flexible logistics

With our deep experience in maritime security HR, and our many active deployments, we are able to provide skilled personnel at short notice, often reassigning them from nearby locations. In addition to providing a fast response to dynamic manpower requirements, this approach can reduce travel and other expenses for our customers.

Compliance with standards
Alita operates according to the most stringent industry standards

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